I just sat down at the coffee shop to write this but I feel like I have to be honest with you.

I’m having a tough time today.

My life is pretty great overall and I am thankful but I still have bad days.

I’ve been going through some hard things personally that I haven’t shared with you yet and I’m just kind of walking through one of those seasons that wear down your soul.

Here’s what I know though.

Struggle always serves us.

It makes us strong. It shows us who we are.

It reminds us to hold our loved ones close and not take joy for granted.

Struggle has the ability to transform you in ways you can’t even imagine.

As I’m walking through this time I’m using “struggle always serves me” as an affirmation. I even put it on a post-it on my desk because I needed to keep reminding myself.

When I have a hardtime it brings up a lot of fear for me. I worry that I am going to relapse back into depression or that the wonderful life I’ve built will somehow slip away.

I’m telling you this because I think it’s important when you’re on your personal development journey to experience a whole range of emotions and that includes ones that are hard.

A bad day, bad mood or even a bad year doesn’t mean that you aren’t making progress in life. You’re growing, you’re expanding and you’re shifting more than you think you are.

If you’re struggling right now just remember:

We always rise up.

We always survive.

We always overcome.

I hope this resonates with someone and I hope you all have a great night.

Have a great evening,


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how to survive a hard season in life

walking through hard seasons in life


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