Self-reflection about how we feel and what we want from our partners can help us grow deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

Starting a journal practice can give you a safe place to sort through feelings and conflicts that come up in your relationship.

My journal practice lets me vent when I need to and allows me to sort through all the feelings that come up for me during different phases of my relationships.

I hope these healthy relationship journal prompts help you out.

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What do you like about your current relationship status?

What do you wish was different?

What things do you love about your partnership?

In what ways could your partnership be better?

Describe when you feel the most loved

Who are your closest friends and what do you appreciate about them?

What are your best traits that you bring to your relationships?

How do your friends make your life better?

What are your current feelings like towards your family members?

How could your relationship with your family be improved?

Who do you need to forgive in your life? What feelings from the past are you holding onto?

Describe what good communication looks like to you

Describe what poor communication looks like to you

What are the best parts of your current relationships? What could be improved?

How can you show up more authentically in your relationships?

What scares you about relationships?

How have you been hurt in past relationships? What do you need to heal?

What does love mean to you?

How can you bring more joy to your relationships?

What is challenging for you about developing close relationships?

How would your life be different if you had stronger relationships?

Why are relationships important to you?

How are you different when you’re in a romantic relationship?

What are the best parts about having a romantic relationship?

What are deal breakers for you in your relationships?

How do you want to be treated?

What positive traits do you bring to your relationships?

What negative traits do you bring to your relationships?

Describe your ideal friendship

Describe your ideal relationship with your family

Describe your ideal partnership

How have you been hurt be someone close to you in the past? How does that impact your current relationships?

How can you start to heal from past pain and disappointment?

How would you feel when you’re with your ideal partner?

What relationships do you admire? Why?

What relationship in your life do you need to work on or heal? How can you start that process?

What do you need to forgive yourself for? How can you start that process

I hope these healthy relationship journal prompts help you out. Be sure to check out my journal prompts for depression and anxiety here.

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  1. I ended up writing these down, cutting them up into squares, and then laminating them. I put it all in a jar and now have my boyfriend and I pull one to answer. It’s a fun little game that helps us to communicate better.

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